i transform complex words + offset pixels into simple user actions.


Everyone thinks they can design a better user interface — including me.

ph: 773.962.7605

About me

I used to believe that designers are the creative thinkers and programmers have the analytic minds. What I found to be true is that designers think very analytically and programmers are extremely creative. As a user interface designer, ux designer and front-end developer, I make good use of both side of my brain. From my extensive experience in the fields of interactive design and software development, I've evolved from a designer/developer to a complete problem-solver. My work experience include software products in the fields of hospitality, entertainment, education, insurance, and e-commerce. I work comfortably in both agile (scrum) and waterfall dev environments; I have always enjoyed what I do; and I continually strive to improve my skillset.

I was born in Seoul, Korea; raised in Chicago; and spent a big chunk of my adult life in Southern California. I am now back in the Second-City and although I still have not gotten used to the cold winters, I do have a greater appreciation for the great city of Chicago. I am a tech junkie at heart with a healthy obsession with new gadgets and shiny buttons. I have always enjoyed putting things together as well as pulling things apart. I drink too much coffee; I prefer deep dish over thin crust; and I spend way too much money on ebay.

When I am not in front of a computer screen, I can be found camping, fishing, scuba diving, or slinging a hammer. I like to fix things, find things, and make things. I love to travel around the world; try new foods; and experience new cultures.

I am also a big Chicago Bulls Bears fan.


  • DePaul Universitygraduate
  • University of Illinois at Chicago undergraduate
  • Lane Tech Prep high school


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  • Chicago Javascript chicago javascript community
  • Mobile Mondays chicago mobile community
  • Chicago Backboners chicago backboneJS community
  • HTML5 chicago html5 community
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor society for computer science and information research
  • IXDA interaction design assoc.
  • NAAAP nation assoc. of asian american professionals

Design Philosophy

"The sun does not revolve around the earth." ~Galileo

"A good artist borrows.
A great artist steals!"

"Everything should be as simple as possible, but not any simplier."

"I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people."


everyone thinks they can design a better user interface — including me.



Graphic Tools

  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • Visio
  • Powerpoint
  • Flash

Front End Code

  • html5/xml,xsl
  • css3/sass,scss
  • responsive foundation
  • javascript/json,ajax
  • jquery/jquerymobile
  • backboneJS

Back End Code

  • php/phpAdmin
  • sql/mysql/access
  • coldfusion
  • drupal,cms

Usability Tools

  • contextual inquiry
  • heuristic evaluations
  • paper prototyping
  • task analysis
  • user surveys


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